Dear exhibitors,
for the ones that have never exhibited at our event I can already say: you will be inspired.
 Beautiful friendships have established here. Seamlessly our exhibitors also benefit from our wonderful Hat event. The fact that I very much value harmony among one another is beneficial for everyone.
 Time and time again visitors mention the friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Fact is when people feel good and welcome they intend to purchase! But that should be obvious.

Isabel Patel and myself look forward to welcome you.



Ute Patel-Missfeldt & Isabel Patel

Arrival (build up and break down)

Please notify upon arrival at the "Große Dürnitz" to Mrs. Angelika löbering . She will show you to your reserved stand place and will deliver your exhibitor ID-card. 
Loading and un-loading is aloud in the inside of the castle and stable grounds. Parking is prohibited in both places. Please remove your vehicle after unloading as quickly as possible. Parking places are available elsewhere. Arrival and build up can already take place from Thursday September 26th between 10.00 – 17.00 hrs.
On Friday, the 25.09.2020, the construction must be completed by 15 clock, all vehicles, which are still in the yard are towed!
Break down on Sunday September 27th is only allowed after 19.00 hrs!


Accommodation, food and drinks is for your own account and should be arranged by yourself. Please be sure to make arrangements in time! More information is available from the Tourist office in Neuburg. 


As always we offer an attractive side program. 


In the afternoon of Saturday and Sunday (14.30 hrs) a fashion show takes place. In both of these fashion shows products from the exhibitors will be shown to the audience. Visitors of the Fashion show pay 15,– Euro Entrance. It would be really nice, if you as exhibitor would be willing (voluntarily of course) to reimburse 10,– Euro if a customer purchases from you for 150,– Euro or more. Groups of models will wander around the castle grounds with by the designers donated hats to advertise your work that way.


For our event there are regional – national and international advertising campaigns and efforts. 
Articles can be found in the written press as well as radio and television f.e. in »Meria – Bayerns schönste Seiten«, »New York-Weeklymagazin« and many more. If you have a website you can be linked. Please send a request with the link (your website address) to: Isabel Patel (

Cleaning and Garbage disposal

Due to current cause we must let you know that each exhibitor is responsible for disposal of their own garbage in the correct way. If this is not done, there will be a fee of 25 €.